Learning from Home

The partnership between school and home to support each child’s learning has probably never been more important: thank you for everything you are doing as parents and carers to create a positive learning from home environment and experience for your children. With support and encouragement from home and regular communication from teachers, children will be able to continue their learning by engaging in a variety of rich, well-designed, purposeful experiences.

There is so much on the Internet, but this is not the issue – it is learning together, going deeper, making friends while learning, making friends with learning – that is what matters.

John Hattie | 4 Tips to Help Kids Succeed in Learning at Home

A collection of resources and information to support families and children Learning from Home

Online Safety Advice for Parents

Explaining Corona Virus to Kids


Centrecare counseling available for parents

Learning @ Home TV

Ways to help with Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Things to do together

  • Little People's Literacy Learning Modules (ALEA) | A guide for Parents and Carer's; Learning through collaborative play and shared discovery | VIEW modules
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Top Ten Tips for Learning Maths from Home

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