Our Staff

We are pleased to introduce you to our professional and dedicated staff members.


Mr Bill Goodwin Principal
Mr David Boge  Deputy Principal/APRE
Miss Nadene Pettett Assistant Principal Curriculum

General Teaching

Mrs Gina Ker Prep
Mrs Candice Redgard Prep
Mrs Kate Vincent Prep
Mrs Marissa Browne Year 1
Mrs Cassandra Smith Year 1
Miss Khia Whelan Year 1
Mrs Leisa Gardiner Year 2
Mrs Helen Plumb Year 2
Mrs Christine Penny Year 2
Mrs Denielija Carman Year 3
Mrs Toni Gahan Year 3
Mrs Regan Russell Year 3
Miss Kasey Gilbert Year 4
Mrs Melissa Boge Year 4
Mrs Vicki Allen Year 4
Mrs Amanda Gallagher Year 4
Mrs Amanda Hess Year 5
Miss Rebecca Hart Year 5
Miss Nadiene Cameron Year 6
Mrs Amy Courtney Year 6
Mrs Donna Sears Learning Support
Mrs Tanya Broughton Learning Support
Mrs Wendy Groves Learning Support
Mr Matthew Farthing Classroom Music
Mrs Selena Rasmussen Instrumental Music (Brass/Woodwind/Percussion)
Mackenzie Roberts Instrumental Music (Percussion)
Mrs Bernadette Connolly Instrumental Teacher (Strings)
Mr Clinton Honor Physical Education
Mrs Natalie Pascoe Arts
Mrs Julie Chaplin School Counsellor
Miss April Roth FIARE Co-ordinator

Ancillary Staff

Mrs Alison Carr Administration Secretary
Mrs Kylie Giles  Finance Officer
Mrs Maria Vaschina Administration Officer/WHSA
Miss Tany Cislowski Library Co-ordinator
Mr James Clark Teacher Assistant
Mrs Maddison Boylan Teacher Assistant
Mrs Cheryl Dickinson Teacher Assistant
Mrs Nila Dickson Teacher Assistant
Mrs Amanda Edmiston Teacher Assistant
Mrs Kristine Flanders Teacher Assistant
Miss Milee Flanders Teacher Assistant
Miss Jessica Hick Teacher Assistant
Mrs Tracey Kenny Teacher Assistant
Mrs Toni Lynch Teacher Assistant
Mr Riley Martin Teacher Assistant
Mrs Bernadette McBrien Teacher Assistant
Mrs Samantha Miles Teacher Assistant
Miss Ruby Mills Teacher Assistant
Miss Kassandra Mogg Teacher Assistant
Mrs Bridget Moore Teacher Assistant
Mr Andrew Schloss Teacher Assistant
Mr Jamie Wanchap Teacher Assistant
Mrs Kyla Wise Teacher Assistant
Mr Nathan Moore Head of Grounds
Mrs Theresa Pascoe Tuckshop Convenor/Cleaner
Mrs Jean O’Shea Cleaner
Mr Thomas Clark OSHC Co-ordinator