Parents & Friends Association

The Parents & Friends Association (P & F) has three main aims:

  1. To build and maintain community spirit
  2. Provide parent education
  3. Assist the school in provision of resources

The P & F meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month in the staff room at 6:30PM (unless otherwise advised in the school newsletter).

Current P&F Committee

President: Denae Hendren
Vice President: Orrin Clarke
Secretary: Luana Berrier
Treasurer: Lorna Flanagan

Just One Thing

Each year the P & F asks every parent “What is the one thing you can do for our school?” 

The question comes with a list of ways you can contribute to making our school community a better place. If parents can indicate at least one, it is an immense help and we will make contact when we need some extra hands.

Find Out More

If you are interested in knowing more about the P & F, please feel welcome to contact any of the executive members.

Follow on Facebook

The P & F has a dedicated Facebook page to keep you up to date with its activities.