St Mary’s School Fees & Charges

The current fees and charges for attending St Mary’s Catholic Primary School are detailed in the schedule below. Fees are per annum.

Prep to Year 6

Individual Child Fees & Charges

  • Tuition $1420
  • All Purpose Levy $160 (per child)
  • Technology Levy $120 (per child max $240 per family)
  • Prep Levy $90 (Prep only)

Family Fees & Charges

  • Resource Levy $160 (per family)
  • School Assistance Bond $150 (per family)
  • Building Levy $420 (per family

Please note: The above fees do not include one-off costs that may arise from time to time such as the purchase of 1-1 technological devices.

Download 2023 School Fees & Levies

Family Discounts

If you have more than one child attending a Catholic school, the following discounts apply off tuition fees only.

  • Two children 12.5% per child
  • Three children 35% per child 
  • Four or more 50% per child

Fee Assistance

We will attempt to accommodate all families who desire a Catholic education for their children. Some families may be eligible for assistance with fees depending upon their circumstances. Please discuss your situation with our Principal to find out more.

Billing & Payments

An invoice for fees is issued at the beginning of each term with payment options included on the invoice. Payments can be made at the school office by EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa Card or by cash. If paying cash, please ensure you have the correct amount, or close to the payment amount as we do not keep cash on the site.

You can view our other payment options here:

School Fee Payment Options