Mother's Day Stall

4 May 2021

Time: 1:40PM


St Mary’s P & F are running a Mother’s Day Stall to enable the children to buy a small gift for someone special in their life be it Mum, Step Mum, Auntie or Nan! 

Gifts are priced at $5. 

If your child would like to participate, they are to bring $5, and they will visit the stall with their class.

Tuesday 4th May:          Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 classes

Wednesday 5th May:    Year 2 classes, Year 1R and Year 4BC

Friday 7th May:             Prep classes, Year 1E & Year 1GS, Year 4P

Volunteers are required to ensure the smooth running of the stall.  If you are available to help with selling of gifts to the children, on all/any of those days, between 1:40PM and 2:40PM, please contact the school office for further information.

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